Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Best Movie You Ever Saw

Think of the best movie you have ever seen, the emotions, the feeling of something grand taking shape, discovery, a journey, greatness, undiscovered beauty, a rocket trip to somewhwere else in the imagination … Now imagine if you could live that life every day. Imagine the energy you could put into everything you did, the things you would create, the colossal collaboration of effort, the massive productivity of it all. But the world is not like that, people deal with thier limitations, there dreams seldom connect with reality and what they do everyday is adequate and sometimes even pointless. Is there a road from one world to the other, where possibilities are revealed and people ignited, where all the pieces can be sought and found, and the world rock like never before ?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

What Is Money?

Reality is packed with those little things that are there every day, and in a moment of insight you understand what they really are. Money is one of those things. Why do we have money? It isn’t real. It’s an abstract creation by ones government, built to be a universal unit of worth. It’s a monumental invention that takes millions of choices and moves resources, planning, materials, brainpower, everything that the human race is engaged in. Without money you’d need someone managing everything, well like socialism. But that doesn’t work. People are motivated most strongly by their own self interest and not a central planning committee. And money breaks down. People make bad choices and we end up with stupid crap. But if you look past the money, to what we actually do every day, who we are, our dreams, the search for those magical moments when you say, this is good, life is better because this happened. Most people don’t know what they want. They equate the monetary cost of something as it’s worth. But what is something worth to you. If there wasn’t money, if we could crank out Ferraris for a penny and everyone had one would you still want one? If we could make diamonds like we do chewing gum would you still give them as a symbol of love? In the end its about finding your place, knowing what you want, knowing what you do best, knowing how much is enough, knowing that when faced with death there will be somthing that mattered about what you did. Once you have that you don’t need any more money and you can give the rest away to help someone else find their place.