Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Abyss of Infinite Possibilities

Growing up your parents told you to brush your teeth, eat your dinner, do your homework. As you got older it was, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids. You know the story. Most people subscribe to these deep seated biological drives based on survival and hopefully prosperity. But of course there is more. We have been to the moon, flown around the world, peered into the depths of space, sent probes to the planets, studied the biological mechanics of life, and lots more. What have you done though? Most of the great feats of intellect are done by a few people of great talent who are given the time and resources to chase something. As a kid what did you do when you had finished everything you had to do? You chased what was of greatest interest. And as I remember it, I had a great time. But I also watched allot of crappy TV too. There is a phrase that comes to mind, “you either chase a dream or fear a nightmare”. Those who fear finish what is needed and then seek entertainment and distraction. I think one of the greatest revolutions in society will occur when the idle masses find their dreams, the means to make them real and accessible to everyone else, and expand the pool of people who do the great things. We all will then step into the abyss of infinite possibilities.