Sunday, October 30, 2011

Those that make it

Life, the process of change, including culture and technology, that goes counter to the decay of entropy, thrives on the availability of choices, the freedom to acquire the features that enables something to thrive. How many paths of people starting out, dreaming, wanting to accomplish something great, ended when there were no other choices but to give up. All that we have today are the few that made it, a Steve Jobs, or an Edison, the lucky ones who had all the ingredients to thrive. So the question is, is there a brew, a set of ingredients, that explode the choices of life, like a magical elixir that turns barren earth to lush lavish greenery twisting and exploding with activity. This life accelerator is probably words, insight about how creativity and intelligence works, how people can assemble and be more than the sum of their parts, how people transcend their animal beginnings, how people best search, dream, and make things that are real, that change the world forever.

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